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Over 30,000 copies sold

Ellen gives "Girl Get That Child Support" A Booky LOOKY!

Don Diva Magazine ranked "Boy Drop That Child Support" number 4 on its' list of top ten selling books for 2011.

Over 30,000 copies sold.  Get yours today!




Is Child Support Ruining Your Life

One of the biggest financial problems to plague single parents is child support. Each day millions of men and women are financially destroyed because they either can't afford to pay child support or share children with a co-parent who simply refuses to pay. Resolving child support challenges can be all but impossible without a strong understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities. Our nations' family court system and its' office for child support enforcement can be sources of great confusion for people who are grappling with complex issues like proving paternity, the upward and downward modification of child support awards, child support arrears, visitation and custody.

To avoid becoming another casualty in the war for child support you must arm yourself with solid information to empower you with the legal weapons you need to help you attain victory in your child support case. My ground breaking books, Girl Get That Child Support: How To Track Down A Deadbeat, Find His Cash And Make Him Pay Every Dollar He Owes You and Boy Drop That Child Support: How To Keep Your Baby Mama From Draining Your Pockets Dry are perfect weapons for this warfare.

These books are loaded with tried and tested legal strategies that are sure to help you win your child support case. Whether you are a custodial parent who is fighting for child support or a non-custodial parent who is trying to avoid paying more child support than you can afford Girl Get That Child Support and Boy Drop That Child Support are the perfect books for you. 


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